Thames clippers putney timetable sheet

MBNA Thames Clippers predict they will carry over 100,000 passengers from the pier to central London in just the first year. That sounds like a lot, but commuting on the boats has gone up by 58% ...

please see timetable RB6 – Putney to Blackfriars, peak hours service Monday to Friday only, please see timetable RB6 – Limited direct service, please see timetable, connections apply at other times RB2 – Tate to Tate and St George Wharf, daytime and weekends Emirates Air Line The O2

At the same time there has been significant progress in reducing TfL’s subsidy, as MBNA Thames Clippers no longer receive a subsidy for its main route, the RB1. The proposed fares changes in this MD relate to the RB6 route (Putney to Blackfriars), which is still subsidised by TfL. Thames Clippers is the leading River Bus service on the River Thames running a 20 minute frequency between key London piers including North Greenwich for The O2, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Tower, London Bridge, Embankment and London Eye for Waterloo, as well as several residential piers.

Thames Clippers was awarded the licence for five years with an option for a further period of up to two years. Thames Clippers placed into service two new 150-passenger high-speed catamarans (“cats”) on the growing RB6 Putney – Blackfriars route in November 2015. Thames River Services Timetable - Summer Service from 1st April 2019 until 27th October 2019. PLEASE NOTE: The last daily trip to the Thames Barrier leaves Westminster at 14.30. Mobile Users - Swipe the table horizontally if you cannot see all the information. The Thames Clippers route covers the stretch of the river that is home to some of the most famous and stunning landmarks in London. Seeing these sights from the comfort of your seat on board you will not only get a real sense of their grandeur and character but of how they link together.