Copy editing style sheet

Aug 18, 2015 · Have you ever wondered how to build a style sheet? Has your boss ever asked you to create one? Here’s a straightforward guide on how to accomplish the task… I’ve long held the belief that good copy editors are born, not made. I’m a very good substantive editor — I understand how to make ...

Creating style sheets is the secret to catching small errors. I am obsessed with my style sheets. I keep a word list, a character list, a list of places (fictional and real), a chronology, a general style sheet, a list of hyphenated modifiers, and any other list that helps me keep track of everything. If your chosen style uses percentages signs, ensure you’re consistent. Finally, if at all possible, have a colleague or friend carefully read a printed copy of your story, using the same index-card method. As careful as one person can be, it’s always good to have a second reader. Style Sheets Ever wonder how a copyeditor maintains consistency in a manuscript? There are a good many things that a copyeditor must keep track of in a manuscript to ensure that the finished book or article is consistent throughout and doesn’t jar the reader by odd deviations from its intended structure, message, or voice.

Help Sheet for Copy Editing Articles. Each new IEP article should be copy edited by a copy editor. However, it is not the responsibility of a copy editor to turn a poorly written article into a well written article, but only to revise obvious errors and to enforce the Encyclopedia's style guidelines.