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Cisco UCS 6296UP 96-Port Fabric Interconnect (Not Sold Standalone) - Switch - managed - 18 x 10 Gigabit / FCoE SFP+ - rack-mountable UCS-SP8-B-FI96 Cisco SFP 10G SR provides perfect solution to these connectivity requirements and makes it an ideal I/O device that can be used across IEEE approved ports of switches, routers and other Networking equipment. Applications of Cisco SFP 10G SR. This transceiver is an ideal solution for connecting routers and ports to 10G fiber optic networks.

The AM5890S is a five-channel BTL driver IC for driving the motors and actuators such as used in DVD player and consists of two independent precision voltage regulators with adjustable range from 1.25V to 4 V. Cisco UCS 6248UP 48-Port Fabric Interconnect - switch - 48 ports - managed - rack-mountable Series Specs The Cisco UCS 6296UP 96-Port Fabric Interconnect is a core part of the Cisco Unified Computing System. Typically deployed in redundant pairs, the Cisco UCS 6296UP Fabric Interconnects provide uniform access to both networks and storage.

Datasheet Version 2.2, 04 Jul 2011. Edition 2011-07-04 Publishedby InfineonTechnologiesAG 81726Munich, Germany ©2007InfineonTechnologiesAG All RightsReserved. Aug 15, 2018 · The Cisco UCS VIC 1400 series provides high network performance and low latency for the most demanding applications. The VIC 1400 series are supported with the B200 M5, B480 M5, C220 M5, C240 M5, C480 M5, C4200 with C125 M5, and S3260 Servers. The Cisco UCS 6296UP 96 - Port Fabric Interconnect (Figure 4) is a 2RU 10 Gigabit Ethernet, FCoE and native Fibre Channel switch offering up to 1920-Gbps throughput and up to 96 ports. Learn more about IHS Goldfire