Ievan polkka sheet

《Ievan Polkka》是一首来自芬兰的波尔卡(Polka、Polkka)舞曲,是首都赫尔辛基的地方歌谣。1930年代由Eino Kettunen以东欧地区传统的波尔卡调子写成的。民间主要流传的版本为日本虚拟歌姬初音未来翻唱的版本。 本曲采用G调编配,伴奏声部演奏时注意右手闷音。

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Ievan Polkka is a song performed by Hatsune Miku, a singing synthesizer software produced by Otomania. Originally Ievan Polkka or "Ievan Polokka" (Savo Finnish for "Eva's Polka") is a popular Finnish song with lyrics written in the early 1930s by Eino Kettunen to a traditional Finnish polka tune. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Ivean Polkka . NOT MINE I OWN NOTHING It's all there, just repeat that as many times as you feel necessary. Also if you kick the base line up an octave it sound like the original song but I'm lazy and almost destroyed the file when I touched it so to avoid explosions here ya go. Sheet music for "Ievan Polkka" from Leekspin, composed by Eino Kettunen, arranged by Sebastian Wolff.

Note: Composers are not sorted on prepositions in surnames. (Bold above indicates more than 200 names sorted under a given letter.)Browse by time period. Add composer (person) / (organization) [How to Submit a Score] Giai điệu của "Ievan Polkka" rất giống với Savitaipaleen polkka, và tại Nam Karelia Ievan Polkka cũng được biết với tên "Savitaipaleen polkka".Giai điệu cũng tương tự giống với một điệu nhảy dân gian bắt nguồn từ vùng Smolensk ở phía Tây nước Nga, với tên gọi Smolenskij gusačok ("смоленский гусачок"/"Người ... CoverStar is a social and educational platform for people who make or simply enjoy music. Join our community to explore and contribute to performances from across the world for over 2 million songs! 少佐殿が「Ievan Polkka」を歌いました【Hellsing MAD】 演説中に楽しくなってしまったようです。 かがみ音ミク(sm2398581)の二番煎じです。 少佐殿が「Ievan Polkka」を歌いました【Hellsing MAD】 演説中に楽しくなってしまったようです。 かがみ音ミク(sm2398581)の二番煎じです。