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Brett Martin manufacture an extensive range of GRP sheets for roofs and sidelights in over 900 profiles, a wide range of options and choice of product performance. Quick and easy to install into the surrounding corrugated sheeting, all sheets achieve the highest levels of profile accuracy and cover a range of safety levels, U values and fire ...

Profile Gratings . Standard GRP profile gratings are made from isophthalic polyester resin. The reinforcement is achieved by a combination of fibreglass mats and rovings reaching a glass content of approximately 65%.

Get grp sheets online at best price. Listed grp sheets manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering multiple buying options for grp sheets. Anti-Slip GRP Sheeting Specifications. Both Standard and Heavy Duty. GRIPCLAD® Standard 4.0mm or Heavy Duty 7mm thick anti-slip sheets are extremely durable and designed for surfaces that are subject to heavy usage and movement. For coverage of large areas, sheets are simply butted together. Material thickness is 4mm. Unlike other similar products, the GRP Safety sheets are made via the pultrusion method as oppose to hand lay up, this ensure complete consistency in the thickness and size of the panels. buy ready made 2mm fibreglass flat sheet online, 1000s of colours available. Specification - Gelcoat - 2 layers 450g Chopped Strand Matting. Marine Grade Resin/Gelcoat GRP Roof Lights, Translucent Roofing Sheets . Our translucent GRP roofing sheets feature a protective polyester film bonded to both surfaces to prevent the growth of moss and lichen, as well as to reduce natural discolouration of these translucent roof panels.

Grp Panel. Grp Panel. Glass Reinforced Plywood. Composition. From the exterior to the interior : Gelcoat RAL 9010 Glass reinforced polyester resin WBP plywood Glass reinforced polyester resin White gelcoat. Standard height- 2420mm. Standard colour- Ral 9016 (white) Standard stock thickness- 14mm & 17mm. Standard stock lengths- 8ft – 30ft Wuqiang Shunfeng Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd boasts perfect management methods, powerful technical strengths, products of reliable quality and advanced testing equipment, which guarantees delivery of high quality products to users,Tel,0086-18632819179,E-mail,[email protected] What makes us prominent GRP pipe manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers across India?? This is our constant efforts and dedication only that we are able to establish ourselves most trusted GRP pipe manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers across India. Our products are recommended widely for plenty of industrial applications.