3d glasses polarized filter sheet

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I found some cheap sunglasses and pulled out the plastic lenses which are polarized. For clarity, I have labeled them as lens-1 and -2 with faces A and B. There are three cases I need help with in explaining what is going on. I wrote a letter "A" on a sheet of white paper that I am looking at through these lenses.

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May 25, 2006 · There is also an IR (i.e. Infrared) type invisible ink that can be seen with a rather expensive 630 nm filter, or even a more expensive red laser and camcorder setups. But what I am looking for is any sort of Invisible Ink (for white paper applications) that can be seen with a passive pair of inexpensive glasses of a sort. We Help Create the World's Greatest Images! Our business strategy for over 80 years, our strategy has always been to succeed through direct customer interaction and feedback by creating innovative products and services. On the other hand, sunglasses for skiers are designed to counter the light reflected of snow-covered surfaces. Lenses of the this types are known as blue blockers, because they filter out violet, blue, and some UV rays. Fisherman and boaters have their own special needs that must be addressed as well. SCHOTT’s optical filter glasses include the following filter types in the wavelength range above 200 nm: Bandpass filters - Light of a certain wavelengths can pass through these filters; Longpass filters - Long wavelengths of light can pass through these filters; Shortpass filters - Short wavelengths of light can pass through these filters Feb 04, 2014 · I've looked into polarizing filters a bit but I'm still not clear on what's actually happening and I was wondering if someone could help clear it up. Does a polarizing filter (such as on a camera or in sunglasses) block a specific mode of polarization and let all others through... or does it instead ... If you have a spare pair of 3D glasses from a cinema this may be a cheap alternative to a polarizing filter to use in your camera or camcorder. It works better that many branded products ...