Ambir 490i calibration sheet print out

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The cleaning and calibration kits have everything you need to ensure optimum scanner performance. Each kit comes with a calibration sheet, a cleaning sheet and a bottle of cleaning solution. Scanners usually need to be cleaned and calibrated every two to three months if you are an average user.

Paper or plastic doesn't matter. Work smarter with the added efficiency of 2-sided (duplex scanning) in black and white, grayscale or color to any of the most popular file formats like JPG, TIFF or PDF. Any scanner ending with –IX comes pre-calibrated from the factory. No initial calibration is required. However, calibration may be needed if image quality declines. If you notice a decline in image quality, it’s time to clean and re-calibrate your scanner. Scanner calibration is recommended once every three months. Printer Calibration Sheet This template will help you print flipbookit labels correctly Print this page as a Printer-Test-Sheet on standard 8.5"x I I" paper. Your printer may complain about cropping edges and printable image size but do not use the "fit to page" option. You may print this sheet several times in order to get the settings right. Versatility comes with every Ambir scanner, and the images can Pro 490i is no exception. Scan documents and ID cards in full-color, grayscale or black and white to fit your specific needs, whether you're capturing insurance cards, legal forms or your bills at home.

How many times can I use my cleaning and calibration sheets? Answer Cleaning sheets may be reused until noticeably dirty, which may be many months in a standard office environment, or a much shorter period of time in a dusty industrial environment or when traveling frequently with your scanner. Simply click the “Continue Anyway” button and proceed with the final installation. Initial Calibration with AmbirScan 2.0 Note: Calibration is a critical step in setting up your scanner. Page 9. This calibration process will require the special black and white calibration sheet that was included with your scanner.