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The Crossware AZ80NT is a sophisticated relocatable macro cross assembler that generates code for the Z80, Z80180 and HD64180 families of microprocessors. It comes complete with the Crossware Embedded Development Studio and runs under Windows 9x, Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. 6b10nb37lz datasheet Polycarbonate resin data sheet Folk roots d550 dulcimer sheet Am26c31cd datasheet 2n3904 Income statement and balance sheet generator Incredible Download Network daivietvn.tk Snow corn snake care sheetCreated Date: 10/1/2001 3:08:17 PM The fully compatible derivatives HD64180/Z180 and eZ80 are currently specified for up to 33 and 50 MHz respectively. Design Programming model and register set. The programming model and register set of the Z80 are fairly conventional, ultimately based on the register structure of the Datapoint 2200.

I'm not sure what the HCD-66 is, as I can't find a datasheet for it, but the HCD-660 is 0.5-7V and I'm guessing the HCD-66 is the same (see below), the datasheet doesn't say what slope but I think we can assume positive. Originally the Rapco was generating a V FC of 3.7V with a ADC value of about 0x78xx (can't remember what the xx was). There ...Home > Electronics Tutorials > Online Computer Terms Dictionary > h : Online Computer Terms Dictionary - H: hit. 1. <architecture> cache hit. 2. <World-Wide Web> A request to a web server from a web browser or other client (e.g. a robot).>I have some documentation for an HD64180 system (Z80 c0de compatible) >that probably explains the on-chip memory banking method. I don't know >if it's compatible with Z108. It's an interesting system that I'll >describe if prompted. I never used it. > >Jerry. Jerry, Thanks for the offer but I've got a ton of info on the Z180/HD64180. I was just