A5 sheet of acrylic glass

Once the backing has been applied to your Acrylic Glass Print, we use a high powered laser machine to accurately cut and polish the edges of the acrylic to any custom size up to 120 x 180cm. This process creates a beautiful crystal-clear glass finish, amplifying the depth to your image.

High-quality, customizable acrylic literature display stands and table stands to increase sales and promote business growth. Let your displays stand out from the rest and get noticed with acrylic literature stands and brochure organizers. Acrylic stands and literature holders are clearer than glass, and much more durable. Benefits of Acrylic ...

With suppliers and products that are the best in the business, and extensive technical and application assistance are a combination that can't be beat. In addition, we have a large inventory of acrylic, and polycarbonate plastic sheet and rod stock which can be cut and fabricated.

Acrylic sheets are strong, lightweight, glass-like plastic with excellent outdoor weatherability and optical clarity. It has the advantage of being 17 times stronger than glass, at half the weight, making for a safer option as there is less change of breakage. Acrylic sheet, Clear Acrylic Sheets & Aluminum Extrusions Wholesaler offered by Metro Aluminium & Glass Solutions Private Limited from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Sheet Plastics. We stock a variety of sheet plastics at Central Oregon Glass. Call us or come in to see our selection! Why choose Central Oregon Glass? Convenience is one reason. Call or bring in the dimensions of the plastic you need and we cut it for you. Value is another.