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The UCCx80x family of high-speed, low-power integrated circuits contain all of the control and drive components required for off-line and DC-to-DC fixed frequency current-mode switching mode power supplies with minimal parts count.

40CPQ035, 40CPQ040, 40CPQ045 Bulletin PD-2.307 rev. C 10/06 www.irf.com 5 Marking Information WEEK 35 DATE CODE PART NUMBER YEAR 0 = 2000 LINE H 58 07 LOGO RECTIFIER ASSEMBLY LOT CODE INTERNATIONAL IN THE ASSEMBLY LINE "H" THIS IS A 40CPQ045 WITH LOT CODE 58 07 ASSEMBLED ON WW 35, 2000 40CPQ045 035H Conform to JEDEC outline TO-247AC (TO-3P) ©On-Bright Electronics Confidential Preliminary Datasheet Pin Configuration The OB2273 is offered in SOT23-6 package, shown as below. Ordering Information Part Number Description OB2273MP SOT23-6, Pb-free in T&R Package Dissipation Rating Package RθJA(℃/W) SOT23-6 200

uc2842/3/4/5 uc3842/3/4/5 october 1998 currentmode pwm controller. optimized for off-line and dc to dc. converters. lowstart-up current (< 1 ma) automatic feed forward compensa- 3 UC19432 UC29432 UC39432 UC39432B COLL: The collector of the output transistor with a maxi- mum voltage of 36V. This pin is the output of the transconductance amplifier. The overall open loop volt- during IC operating. At no load or light load condition, most of the power dissipation in a switching mode power supply is from switching loss on the MOSFET transistor, the core loss of the transformer and the loss on the snubber circuit. UC3524AN ti UC3524A, Advanced Regulating Pulse Width Modulators . FEATURES. DESCRIPTION. The UC1524A family of regulating PWM ICs has been designed to retain the same highly versatile architecture of the industry standard UC1524 (SG1524) while offering substantial improvements to many of its limitations. uc2842b/3b/4b/5b uc3842b/3b/4b/5b march 1999 high performance current mode pwm controller. trimmed oscillator for precise fre-. quency control oscillator frequency guaranteed The content and copyrights of the attached material are the property of its owner. Distributed by: www.Jameco.com 1-800-831-4242. Jameco Part Number 991465

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