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Gamer: The Podcasting The Blog This is the update/blog for the podcast known as "Gamer: The Podcasting" It is a podcast about roleplaying games of all sorts, although currently, our hearts lie with LARPs.

Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires Roleplaying Game ?A World of Heroes in Search of Legends? Kyle Hood has written 2 reviews, with average style of 4.50 and average substance of 3.50 The reviewer's next review is of Arcanis: Codex of Heroes. This review has been read 3838 times. Jircniv wrote the word Scripture on the sheet of paper he had. His response was a faint smile, but it spoke more than any words could. The Theocracys Special Forces were known as the Scriptures, so they must have come from one of the Six Scriptures. I recall an adventure in which the players found two nether scrolls, each inscribed with a new unique (and unbalanced) spell. One of the spells allowed the caster to bestow intelligence on a living creature, the other spell allowed the caster to make permanent changes to the abilities of a living creature - they could be used together to create or change entire new races. [3236967] viagra for sale houston tx 投稿者:viagra for sale houston tx 投稿日:2013/04/10(Wed) 07:15 <HOME> 6 viagra for sale houston tx medication on line ... Like the GURPS Character Builder before it, GURPS Vehicle Builder lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out vehicles of all types, from an oxcart to a space station! All the system's features are supported, with complete vehicle creation rules from GURPS Vehicles, as well as GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1 and GURPS Vehicles Expansion 2.

Column F Contains the deity's name if it's a legal choice for the character, and if that pantheon has been selected for use on the House Rules sheet. A cell that appears empty means either character is the wrong alignment or the wrong race, or the pantheon is not legal for the character's campaign On the Fourth Day of Free Holiday Sawg, My Bartender Gave to Me... a Free Setting for 3e D&D (Codex Arcanis) Codex Arcanis is the core book of the Arcanis setting for 3e. It's also fairly easy to convert to any of the clones.