Fire alarm test sheets

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Wondered if anyone knows where I can obtain or download an electrical test cert for the wiring of an L1 fire alarm system.I,m assuming zs at the panel position and insulation resistance reading of cabling with all devices

RE: insulation testing - ESP - 06-11-2009 Graeme Wrote:I'm a bit suprised at that one Dave. We only use FP but i would much rather know if there is a cable fault before fitting all the devices,then the panel not liking it and having to remove them all again. Personally I think insulation testing of FP is OTT. Download extra emergency lighting log sheet (size 47kb) Download extra self closing fire door log sheets (size 38kb) Download extra firefighting equipment log sheets (size 39kb) Download extra fire alarm testing certificate sheets (size 38kb) Download extra firefighting instruction and drills log sheets (size 38kb)

Fire Alarm System Demonstration Notify Fire Department of the Fire Alarm Test. Include the address and how long the test should last. Have dispatch contact you when they receive the notification of alarms activated from the monitoring company. If a No is indicated below note the problem to the right Fire location lamp on main panel operated ...