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I put a textbox on the web form to show the session ID where the crystal report viewer is and that works. The thing that gets me is why isn't the report displaying current users data from the database using the ID number? I have to many users to write in all of the ID into code and that means that I will have to make 5000 reports for each user.

Calculate difference between two datetimes sitting in two different lines in ssrs 0 Counting the duration of each item transection by condition of I(received[Date]), P(issue[Date]

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Huertj,I'm sorry, I'm did mean to suggest that it couldn't be summed in the table - without seeing the actual data and formulas, it's difficult to see if there's a problem there or if it's a short-coming with SSRS. I was simply suggesting an alternative way to total the data and display it. Description. In this video tutorial, the tutor explains all the fundamental topics of Electric Potential and Capacitance. Starting from potential difference and its units and dimensions, this video tutorial covers topics such as Line Integral of Electric Field, Potential Energy, Equi-potential Surface, Capacitance, Energy Stored in Capacitor,... Our customers are from all walks in life, from different backgrounds and financial situations. All are of equal importance to us, our compassionate approach to lending means customers can trust us implicitly to source the 1 last update 2019/11/30 best solution for 1 last update 2019/11/30 their needs.