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o This data sheet is applied for CHIP FERRITE BEAD used for General Electronics equipment for your design. ! Note: 1. This datasheet is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing co., ltd. Therefore, it’s specifications are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice. >> BLM18AG601SN1D. from MURATA >> Specification: Ferrite Bead, 0603 [1608 Metric], 600 ohm, 500 mA, EMIFIL BLM18A Series, 0.38 ohm, ± 25%. For your security, you are about to be logged out 60 seconds A global provider of products, services, and solutions, Arrow aggregates electronic components and enterprise computing solutions for customers and suppliers in industrial and commercial markets. The company maintains a network of more than 349 locations serving over 80 countries. >> BLM18AG601SN1D von MURATA >> Spezifikation: Ferritperle, 0603 [Metrisch 1608], 600 ohm, 500 mA, Baureihe BLM18A, 0.38 ohm, ± 25%. Sie werden nun zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit abgemeldet 60 Sekunden