Milestone xprotect express datasheet

XProtect Professional and XProtect Express Support for Customer Dashboard Resellers can monitor the health of installed systems with a valid and active Milestone Care Plus, so actions can be taken proactively before the issue becomes a problem for the customer. This offers peace of mind to system owners XProtect Express client modules

XProtect® Essential+ is a full-featured version of Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS) at no cost. With support for up to eight cameras and devices, XProtect Essential+ is the perfect match for smaller businesses who want basic video surveillance to protect employees and assets. Here is why XProtect Expert is the user-friendly choice: Supports XProtect Smart Wall, Milestone’s video wall solution, for an immersive visualized situational awareness and efficient response coordination. Multi-layered maps for an intuitive visual overview and quick navigation between buildings and floors.

2) Via the Management Application (XProtect® Enterprise, XProtect® Professional, XProtect Express®) or Management Client (XProtect Corporate®), verify that the XProtect Mobile server is running (see Status tab), or try to restart the Milestone XProtect Mobile Service. 3) Make sure you can connect to the server using the XProtect Smart Client. In XProtect Professional VMS products — XProtect Professional, XProtect Express, XProtect Essential, and XProtect Enterprise* (*Essential and Enterprise are now discontinued), you can add a device with the default username or specify a username yourself. This is misleading though since this feature is device-driver dependent. XProtect Professional VMS products1. Users can add components or remove them from the installation at a later time 1 XProtect Professional and XProtect Express Supported by the Software Manager: Deploy XProtect Professional centrally via the Software Manager utility • Support for the Customer Dashboard Resellers can monitor the health of ...

Mar 22, 2019 · XProtect 2017 R1 cumulative patch installers. It is recommended to apply these patches as they are updated to include all important fixes released for this product version: 2017 R1 (11.1a). XProtect® Express+ is video management software (VMS) for smaller, single-site companies with a light need for live video monitoring. Supporting up to 48 cameras and the ability to integrate with existing operations, such as access control and people counting, XProtect Express+ is the perfect match for retail shops, parking lots or office buildings.