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View or download full dance step sheets for Scooter Lee’s new video series! Click the images at the right and you can choose to view, download or print PDF files of The All-Time Favorite Line Dance Classics (Vol. 1 & 2).

Come Dance With Me Four Wall 32 Count Line Beginner Line Dance Choreographed 4/02 by Jo Thompson Music: I’m Not Giving Up on Scooter Lee’s Sing A New Song Gospel CD and Printable Dance Step Sheets. RIGHT SCISSORS, SIDE, BEHIND, ¼ TURN LEFT, FORWARD, ½ TURN LEFT 1-3 Step right foot to right side, step together with left, step right foot across front of left

If you are looking for a step sheet or dance prior to that, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or via email at danielle [at] In our attempt to appeal to all line dancers, whether just starting out or "old pros", we are continuing to pump new dances into our line up.

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