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Residential part will soon be completed. Construction of the I. phase was completed in March 2018 and all 257 flats are sold. Construction of the II. phase will be completed in July 2019 as well as sales of its 216 flats.

The President of А1 Mikhail Khabarov has remarked that Formula Kino is one of the most high-tech assets in the Russian market of film presentation, with a high degree of the digitization of auditoria (more than 50 percent), two flagship movie theatres situated

New promotions and offers are constantly announced in Starbucks restaurant in Moscow. All promotions for January 2020 can be found on RestoRaids website and in the chat bot. 18 November 2016 An article in the Vedomosti: “Formula Kino in litigation with Afimall City over lease terms". During the morning newscast on Business FM, Irina Komar, MRICS, an expert and Managing Partner of the Professional Group of Appraisal, commented on the dispute in the Headlines news block.

Shopping center Afimall expels Formula Kino Business 10.12.2016 The contract with the cinema chain was terminated shortly after it filed a lawsuit against Afimall, demanding to reduce rents. If you are unable to go on holiday, you can do it by visiting this theater. It offers you 10 extremely comfortable auditoriums which are named after major cities, like Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, etc