Problem converting fax body or cover sheet

Below is the code I use to send the fax. It works 60% of the time. When it doesn't work, I get an error from Right Fax that says "Problem Converting Fax Body or Cover ...

Faxes sent while the Print Spooler service has not been started will show with a Status of "Problem converting Fax body or Cover Sheet" in FaxUtil. To correct this issue, make sure the Windows Print Spooler service has been started and is set with an Automatic Startup Type. KEYWORDS: Workserver Module, 3314, 1722, RFWORK01, RFWORK02 Apr 04, 2018 · A “Problem Converting Fax Body or Coversheet” There are a few approaches to take when faxes are stuck in conversion. The first diagnostic step to take is to determine if the issue is isolated to one user or if it is impacting all users. Diagnosing and Solving the Issue for All Users

Here we would like to share you the best free fax cover sheet in the market. Fax Cover Sheet: Free Download, Edit, Fill and Print| Wondershare PDFelement PDFelement - Edit, Annotate, Fill and Sign PDF Documents Aug 26, 2018 · PROBLEM CONVERTING FAX BODY OR COVER SHEET RIGHTFAX EBOOK DOWNLOAD - 4 Apr Your RightFax server can send faxes from a variety of devices and will “In Conversion”; A “Problem Converting Fax Body or Coversheet”. via Rightfax, This generic fax cover sheet is a word doc. It includes a place to put your address, logo, and all the information you will need when you are faxing. This is best when designing a fax cover sheet that you will use over and over. eFax is the global leader in online fax. Send & receive faxes by email. Get a local, toll-free or international fax number. Fax from anywhere with our mobile app. Use unlimited storage. Find out why eFax is the leading online faxing service or find the best plan for you by calling (800) 958-2983. Problem converting fax body or coversheets with IBM Filenet RightFax. Technote (troubleshooting) Problem(Abstract) ... Resolving the problem.

Fax cover letters can easily be obtained online or from many of the programs that you have installed on your computer. You can use programs like Microsoft Word, Notepad, Microsoft Excel or Windows Fax and Scan to generate fax cover letters or you can use one of the many templates provided with Microsoft Excel or Word. Fax cover sheets are essential when sending faxes. They help to ensure that the fax gets to the correct person and inform the receiver who sent the fax. Fax cover sheets also give the sender an opportunity to provide additional information about what is being faxed. Writing and setting up a fax cover sheet is simple.