Callable capital finance

The most common among these is "callable capital". Callable capital corresponds to a commitment by each shareholder to pay in additional capital, but generally only when necessary to avoid an MLI's default. An MLI's callable capital is typically a multiple of its paid-in capital.

The capital stock of the Bank is composed of paid-up and callable capital. The paid-up capital is the amount of capital payable over a period determined by the Board of Governors' resolution approving the relevant Capital Increase. The Bank's callable capital is subject to payment as and when required by...

For large exposures purposes, the Board includes as eligible capital the $200 million callable capital that is available from the Commonwealth Government in accordance with the provisions of section 56 of the Export Finance Australia Act. Financial statements callable definition: 1. callable bonds, shares, or similar investments can be bought back before the time when they…. Learn more. Apr 14, 2019 · Canada announced a $1.1 billion commitment in temporary callable capital to support the African Development Bank (AfDB). The announcement is subject to approval by the Bank’s governors. “The African Development Bank is a key partner for Canada and we are committed to supporting the Bank’s African member countries. Multilateral Development Banks: General Capital Increases Congressional Research Service Summary For the first time in the history of the institutions, each of the major Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) are simultaneously seeking increases in their capital bases to fund the continued expansion of their development lending programs. currency paid-in capital (NCPIC), paid-in vs. callable capital, subscription period, and contingent options. Finally, Section V concludes the IBRD part of the report and presents management’s recommendations. The IFC Chapter starts with an executive summary and background; it then Apr 12, 2019 · Canada previously subscribed to temporary callable capital in 2010 to support the African Development Bank while it proceeded with the negotiation of a general capital increase needed to improve its response to the global financial crisis. Related products. Backgrounder – Canada affirms its strong partnership with the African Development Bank

Thus, the callable capital of the Bank acts as protection for holders of bonds or guarantees issued by the Bank, in the unlikely event that the Bank is not able to meet its financial obligations. There has never been a call on the callable capital of the Bank.