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2.7 k ! 7.2 k ! 3 k ! COM Output C E Input B ULN2803A SLRS049G –FEBRUARY 1997–REVISED JANUARY 2015 www.ti.com 9 Detailed Description 9.1 Overview This standard device has proven ubiquity and versatility across a wide range of applications.

DC Brush Motor Drivers (36V Max) BD623xxx Series . General Description These H-bridge drivers are full bridge drivers for brush motor applications. Each IC can operate at a wide range of power supply voltages V to 3(from 62V), with output currents of up to 2A. MOS transistors in the output stage allow PWM speed control. The integrated VREF voltage 1.Overview 1. Overview ESP32-WROVER-B is a powerful, generic WiFi-BT-BLE MCU module that targets a wide variety of applications, ranging from low-power sensor networks to the most demanding tasks, such as voice encoding, music streaming

3. Added tape and reel drawing of 128-pin LQFP package in Section 15.3 4. Revised Section 13.2 5. 5. Added 12 bits for Table 7-1 6. Removed TTL interface 7. Revised section 7.1.5 8. Change the title of section 7.2 9. Revised command description in section 8 10. Removed the command 0x0C and 0x3A 11. Added figures in section 13.4 12. IC 7432 is a logic gate IC which consist of four OR Gates. The OR gate performs logical OR operation. Pin Diagram of IC 7432 given here. Operating Condition and Characteristics also given here. The internal structure and Pin Description of IC 7432 is explained here. Application of IC 7432 is given here. The quality of the IC’s output noticeably degrades. I’ll describe some more features in the future. PT2399 Pin Configuration PT2399 Delay Block Diagram PT2399 Pin Description Basic Schematics. The following PT2399 circuit schematics are included in the datasheet for the chip.

Arduino With CD4015B Shift Register: The CD4015B is a Dual 4 Stage Static Shift Register with Serial input and Parallel output. It is a 16 pin IC and contains two identical, 4-stage registers with independent Data, Clock, and Reset inputs.The logic level present at the input of each ... 4N35 datasheet, 4N35 pdf, 4N35 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf The 4015 datasheet specifies that the IC contains two identical, 4-stage, serial-input/parallel-output registers with independent “Data”, “Clock”, and “Reset” inputs. The logic level present at the input of each stage is transferred to the output of that stage at each positive-going clock transition. The VM721D1 sensor IC contains an integral capacitor for EMC protection, eliminating the need for an external for a welded assembly, making the part easier to mount in customer applications. *Patent Pending Datasheet AMR 2-Pin PWM Speed and Direction Sensor Integrated Circuit VM721D1 32336290 Issue D Product data sheet Rev. 9 — 21 March 2016 4 of 14 Nexperia HEF4015B Dual 4-bit static shift register 8. Limiting values Table 4. Limiting values [1] For SO16 package: Ptot derates linearly with 8 mW/K above 70 C. 9. Recommended operating conditions Table 5. Recommended operating conditions In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System ... Analog Integrated Circuit Device Data Freescale Semiconductor 3 33883 PIN CONNECTIONS PIN CONNECTIONS Figure 3. 33883 20-SOICW Pin Connections A functional description of each pin can be found in the Functional Pin Description section beginning on page 10.