Kac 1310 datasheet 2n3904

Kodak's patented pixel design combined with low noise mixed signal circuits provides a high sensitivity , Eastman Kodak Company Technical Data Kodak Digital Science KAC-0311 Image Sensor KAC ­ , /2002 Eastman Kodak Company - Image Sensor Solutions For the most current information regarding this , Page 1 of 56 Eastman Kodak Company Technical ...

KAC-9631 datasheet, cross reference, ... KAC-1310 KAC-1310 PCI93 4318 CG1 HOYA CM500 kodak CMOS image sensor rgb sensor Color Filter Array CFA "FRC" 2013 - Not Available. All the part names for which the file 8850.pdf is a datasheet

2N3904 Absolute maximum ratings Ta=25 °C Characteristic Symbol Ratings Unit Collector-Base voltage VCBO 60 V Collector-Emitter voltage VCEO 40 V Emitter-base voltage VEBO 6V Collector current IC 200 mA Collector dissipation PC 625 mW Junction temperature Tj 150 °C Storage temperature range Tstg-55~150 °C

Data sheet status Objective specification This data sheet contains target or goal specifications for product development. Preliminary specification This data sheet contains preliminary data; supplementary data may be published later. 2N3391 Datasheet (PDF) 1.1. 2n3390 2n3391 2n3391a 2n3392 2n3393.pdf Size:296K _fairchild_semi. Discrete POWER & Signal Technologies 2N3390 2N3391 2N3391A 2N3392 2N3393 B TO-92 C E NPN General Purpose Amplifier This device is designed for use as general purpose amplifiers and switches requiring collector currents to 300 mA.