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Repetitive concept to increase students knowledge of main idea based work. Key learning points: Worksheet focuses on helping students identify the main idea from a paragraph of text by circling one of four answers. Encourages the student to make connections between text and the subsequent main idea. Engages their brain in critical thinking.

each test (e.g., Grade 3 Reading, Grade 5 Mathematics, Grade 8 Science, Virginia and United States History). For Grade 4 Reading, the blueprint contains information for two types of tests, the online passage-based computer adaptive test (CAT) and the traditional test. A passage-based CAT is a main idea worksheet 5 worksheets grade 4 multiple choice 5th lovely. other size s 8 best 2 images on school educational activities main idea multiple choice worksheets 5th grade reading good lessons for exercises of pr. grade main idea worksheets practice exercises high school multiple choice 5th and supporting details worksheet choi.

2) Board Game Center -- I have a main idea board game from Lakeshore that I'm putting to use. Super simple! 3) Guided Learning Center -- This is simply a time when a small group of the children will work with me on the Main Idea skill. I'll have a variety of texts on hand so I can provide scaffolding or enrichment for the various groups. For these main idea worksheets, equip your students with highlighters to help them find the supporting details that support the main idea. Students will read multiple paragraphs and find the main idea of each one, as well as the entire passage. Encourage them to use the graphic organizers included t... Main Idea Worksheet Name 1. Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer below. Jessica has a cute cat named Peanut. Peanut was rescued from an animal shelter a year ago. When Jessica and her father went to pick Peanut up, there were many more cats and dogs that needed new homes.