Tip declaration sheet

Use this form to track and report your employee’s tips. This includes both server cash tips as well as credit card tips recorded by your POS system for each server. The spreadsheet calculates an estimate of each server’s cash tips based on the servers credit card tips by assuming the tip percentage for charged tips is the same as for cash tips.

Severe Storms and Flooding Declaration Date: July 12, 2013 Incident Period: June 28 - July 4, 2013 DR-4129 Greenbook (Environmental and Historic Preservation Guidance) Key Environmental Issues Relevant To This Disaster - Fact Sheet

A well designed waitress tip sheet template can make all your Word and Excel or PowerPoint document follow same format and style. Microsoft Office provides many built-in themes and template you can apply directly, you may also design your own waitress tip sheet theme based on your own needs. New Jersey allows employers to take a tip credit of up to $7.87 an hour. Employers must pay tipped employees a cash wage of at least $3.13 an hour. If an employee doesn’t earn enough in tips to bring his or her total compensation up to at least the full state minimum wage rate of $11.00 an hour, the employer must make up the difference. Dual Jobs

Educate the Employees about Tip Reporting. 2. Establish Tip Reporting Procedures, and. 3. Keep Up With All Tax Payments and Filing Obligations. You can also purchase a Tip Reporting Education Kit from the NRA which includes employee brochures, posters, sample payroll stuffers and a Quick Tips wallet cards. Color Photos required, current declaration page (instead of completing application), copy of elevation certificate, proof of primary residence. HFIAA Surcharge Single Family Primary Residence $25, All others $250 Elevation Certificates YES Required when located in Flood zone. Not required when not in flood zone. Who qualifies YES