Intrinsic response time graphene sheet

Here, we present measurements of the intrinsic response time of metal graphene metal photodetectors with monolayer graphene using an optical correlation technique with ultrashort laser pulses. We obtain a response time of 2.1 ps that is mainly given by the short lifetime of the photogenerated carriers.

SWNTs can be considered as one rolled-up graphene sheet, while MWNTs are concentric tubes separated by about 0.34 nm of two or more rolled-up graphene sheets. SWNTs have very unique electrical properties, depending on the chirality of the wrap, and they can behave as either metals or semiconductors [ 11 , 12 ]. Figure 3. In situ electrical and optical characterization of ML-graphene on paper. (a) Variation of the sheet resistance of ML-graphene during the intercalation process as the bias voltage between the graphene electrodes varies from 0 to 4 V. The inset shows the schematic representation of the four-point measurement system.

single and few-layer graphene sheets on metal substrates, e.g. Ni, Ru, and Cu.6–9,49 Plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD) is able to grow single-layer graphene with high throughput at shorter reaction time and lower deposition temperature compared to the CVD process.87 Besides, graphitization of carbon-containing

Feb 23, 2012 · Photoconductivity of biased graphene . ... graphene sheets with length and width of 6 ... Unterrainer, K. & Mueller, T. Intrinsic Response Time of Graphene . Photodetectors. Nano Letters 11, ... The intrinsic n-type edge of the graphene sheet is experimentally observed on pristine devices, where a scaling law of increased doping with a reduction in dimension should exist. Multiple pristine graphene sheets of varying dimension are fabricated on two separate substrates (defined as a batch).