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The work is performed both indoors and out, using scaffolding, ladders, and high lifts, and in awkward positions and cramped spaces. Sheet metal workers may work in shops performing fabrication work or on construction sites doing installation. Qualifications. Proof of age: 17 years or older; High school diploma or GED Certificate

To provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessaryto carry out aircraft stuctural repairs to the relevant documentation.At the end of the course students will be able to: Apply SRM; Classify damage and determine necessary repair procedures; Describe necessary repair equipment and tooling;- Perform sheet metal repair work in accordance with SRM.

Sheet Metal Workers earn an average hourly wage of $21.84. Hourly wages typically start from $12.12 and go up to $33.75. Sheet Metal Workers earn an average salary of $45,430 per year. Salaries typically start from $25,200 and go up to $70,200. Completion of a three to five year apprenticeship program or A combination of over four years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college or industry courses in sheet metal working is usually required to be eligible for trade certification. Registration for the classes will be done through an on-line service, and requires a 50% deposit, with the balance due on the first day of class. The total for 2020 Step 1 three days Hands On class is $1,650 ( $550/day) Sheet Metal Workers Local 63. 32 Stevens Street Springfield, MA 01104-3119 Main Phone: 413-733-8332 | Fax 413-736-5214 Health & Welfare: 413-732-4449 Elaine Lafleur When I was in school and couldnt work with him I would find a job like kfc or baseball umpire. When I was in school and had a car I would go work with my dad on spare or after school. I would say im a hard worker the last thing I want people to think is " uhh I gotta work with him"

SHEET METAL WORKERS’ LOCAL UNION #54 HOUSTON AREA APPRENTICESHIP SCHOOL 900 west 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018 PH# (713) 869-5843 Qualifications Needed to Apply. 1. 18 years of Age 2. Valid Texas Driver’s License 3 High School Diploma or GED 4. High School Transcript 5. Reliable Transportation a must! 4 Year Curriculum During the period 1945-1973, when a high percentage of workers had unions, wages kept pace with rising productivity, prosperity was widely shared, and economic growth was strong. Since 1973, union density and collective bargaining have declined, causing real wages to stagnate despite rising productivity. Are you the business owner of Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship School? Claim your listing. Business Details. Location of This Business 1420 Quail Lake Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4650. Aircraft Sheet Metal Jobs. Aircraft sheet metal mechanics repair, modify, and fabricate metal and carbon fiber components on an airplane. They are responsible for both structural and non-structural components. The average salary for sheet metal mechanics is $54,000 per year. Welcome to Sheet Metal Workers Local 270. Welcome to the Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local #270 website. Whether you’re an existing member, or seeking employment within our organization, our site will provide useful information about our association. Employment Outlook and Salary Information. According to the BLS, sheet metal workers make a mean annual wage of $49,810 as of May 2015. The employment of these workers, from 2014-2024, is expected to grow 7%, which is as fast as average.